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把滚塑模具安装到滚塑机上需要注意些什么? What need to pay attention to install the rotational mold on the rotational molding machine?

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把滚塑模具安装到滚塑机上需要注意些什么? What need to pay attention to install the rotational mold on the rotational molding machine?
Latest company news about 把滚塑模具安装到滚塑机上需要注意些什么? What need to pay attention to install the rotational mold on the rotational molding machine?


2.滚塑模具安装的间隔距离。一个模具托架上要安装多少个模具,这个要首先计算好,模具之间要留有足够的距离,以免互相遮挡,利于热空气的传导,同时也便于开模、合模。 3.模具托架的重心把握。这一点一定要注意,如果托架一边重一边轻,滚塑机的转动就会受到影响,轻则造成制品厚薄不均,严重时,会损坏滚塑机。 4. 注意滚塑机烘箱的直径,模具安装时要计算一下回转范围,否则会带来不良后果。 5. 滚塑模具的固定。模具安装时既要考虑牢固性,也要顾及安装、拆卸的速度。

Different types of rotational molding machine, its mold bracket structure are also different.Common mould bracket has box type, the disc spider web.Rock and roll machine and large direct fire type machine mould bracket is not the same, that is a kind of similar to a structure of concrete mixer.Today we want to say to is a small plastic mold on the general rolling machine of installation method.Plastic mold of mould bracket is installed on whether proper to directly affect the quality plastic products.It is also important content plastic part of the process can not be ignored.   
1. Choose for rotational mold.On the same rotomolding machine, if the conditions permit (with a sufficient number of the same mold), had better choose the same type of mold;If you want to produce different types of other products at the same time, the rotational mould when trying to choose to install the mold size, the weight difference is not too wide, thickness of the plastic products requirement basically consistent.Lest appear product ageing degradation or the phenomenon of residual plastic powder.Because the plastic mold production of different required processing cycle is different.
2.Rotational mould installation distance. A mold on the bracket to install how many mould, the compute first of all, to leave enough distance between mold, in order to avoid each other shade, conduction of hot air, also easy to open mold, mold clamping.

3. The mould bracket the center of gravity of the master.It is important to note that if the bracket light, while heavy rotational molding machine rotation will be affected, light products thickness, serious when, can damage roll machine.

4. Pay attention to the diameter of the rotomolding machine have oven, to calculate the rotary mould installation range, otherwise it will bring adverse consequences.

5. Also fixed rotational mould.Mould installation should not only consider soundness is also the speed of the installation, should remove.

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